Used Toyota Avalon – What a Great Value!!

A couple of months ago I had an unfortunate experience. My trusty 2000 Toyota 4Runner, was smashed and totaled by a red light runner… Just outside of Avondale. The only good thing about the whole experience was that no one was hurt (not physically any way) and I replaced it with an even older Toyota […]

Prius Sales – Hotter than Previously Thought

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article about how popular the Prius is becoming.  With gas prices headed upward it’s no wonder that the volume of sales for Toyota’s premier Hybrid is on the up-tick.  However, since that article was published (click here to check it out) much has happened, the worst of […]

Certified Used Toyota Prius is a Hot Item

I had the pleasure of helping a fellow (his name is Tom) with the purchase of a Certified Used Toyota Prius, at Avondale Toyota, this past weekend. Tom is the propriator of a very busy and successful business – Caruso Insurance – which is located in Goodyear, Arizona. When I met Tom, it was immediatly evident to me […]

Check Out the “Most Reliable” Scion xD!

If you are feeling the crunch at the pump and want some relief, but don’t want to spend $23k on a Prius…  You gotta check out the Scion xD! You will be hard pressed to find any other vehicle that comes with this many standard features, performs this well, that bears a Consumer Reports and […]

Nothing Swaggers Like My New Toyota Sienna SE!

My family initially met David Lovelady over the phone when they called his store. We were looking for a Toyota Sienna SE. At the time it was a tough vehicle to find and we had only been able to see one on TV or on line. When my folks called and spoke with David, he […]