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Avondale Toyota Has A Corolla XRS!!

Oh yeah!! Avondale Toyota is sporting a 2009 Toyota Corolla xRs and it’s Hhhott!! What’s so hot about it??  Are you kidding me??!! This is a Toyota Corolla xRs we are talking about! For starters, it bears the “Corolla” name…  Which is able to boast being on more sold vehicles around the world than any […]

Introducing The 2012 Toyota Yaris SE

Ok. So, who would have thought that the little car that used to be called -Toyota Tercel and Echo would become the cool looking ride seen below??  You can see this one at Avondale Toyota. Say hello to the 2012 TOYOTA YARIS SE   Everything pictured on this 2012 SE Toyota Yaris, is “Standard Equipment”.  In fact.  The only adds to […]

“Why do you want a Toyota Prius?”

We’ve posted a few articles over the course of the last two months about how “Hot” Prius sales have been for DaveSellsCars and Avondale Toyota.  And Like ’em, Love ’em or Hate ’em, 1st quarter sales of  Prii are UP 50% over last years numbers for Toyota! The increase in sales of Prii (remember, “Prii” […]