Chevy Suburban LTZ – Customer’s Smile Says It All

Chevy Suburban LTZ - Customer's Smile Says It AllThat is a genuine cheesy grin on my customers face (and mine) as we shake hands on his Chevy Suburban LTZ purchase, at Gateway Chevrolet.

If memory serves me correctly, I can count at least three times that “B” said, “I really like being able to buy a car this way,” as we went seamlessly from one phase of his purchase to the next, until we were ready to take his picture. 🙂

What could this DaveSellsCars customer be talking about?

Is it really possible to buy a new Chevrolet and be happy, not just about having a new Chevy, but also about the “process” of buying the new car?


If you bought it from DaveSellsCars @ Gateway Chevrolet 🙂

Update:  Now Tucson can get this same great service as DaveSellsCars @ Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson now.

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