New Face for @ Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson

Buy your next vehicle at DaveSellsCars @ Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson

Buy your next vehicle at DaveSellsCars @ Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson

What do you think about the new look for Dave Sells Cars @ Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson?

Ok… So it has been a few months since my last post…  But ONLY because we’ve been so BUSY!

The Last few months have been a blessing in deed, as the store has been the #1 single point Chrysler Jeep Dealer for most months.

But as you can see, while we were taking care of our customers we were also hard at work putting together the new and improved DaveSellsCars site.

Here’s some of what you can expect from the new site:

More pics and now videos, to go along with the updates of what’s going on with us.

Highlights of some of the great vehicles we have to offer.  

Showing off how much fun our customers are having.  

And of course, I’ll keep reminding you that – there isn’t another store in Arizona that does business the way we do at Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson.

I’ll also keep reminding you that we serve happy customers from all over the state.  Places like – Parker Arizona, Gila Bend and Scottsdale.  Ever been to Sahuarita Arizona?  I delivered a Toyota Camry to a very surprised customer there. (It’s south of Tucson Arizona)  And that’s just some of the the vehicles that I’ve personally delivered to the home of many very happy customers.  There are many, many more, that come from all over Arizona to buy  new and used cars from Avondale toyota.

How about this… People even come from out of state and buy their new and used cars from us.  Seriously!

For example:  I personally have a customer from Chicago, that put a car deal together with me- OVER THE PHONE – and then flew his wife in to pick it up and do the paperwork.  And check this out… She spent about 20 minutes signing and reviewing the paperwork.  The rest of her time at the dealership was spent learning the features/benefits of her new Camry and setting up the Blue Tooth and Navigation.  Do you think she was happy??

At DaveSellsCars, we have customers that come from California, New Mexico and most recently I have a customer that called from Florida.  He wanted to buy a used Land Cruiser .  It took three days of him trying to get us to do the old school – “back and forth” – for him to understand that we really did have our best price on the vehicle.  As soon as he realized that he had the best price “At Hello” 😀  he wired the money to us from Florida, we FedEx’d the paperwork to him and he sent a truck to pick up his Toyota Land Cruiser!

—- Here’s a question for you —-

How good must his deal have been?  Think about it.  If he, in Florida, bought it from us, in Arizona; he could have not only bought one from anywhere in between, but from anywhere in the country.  Do you think he didn’t look all over?  I assure you he did.  Do you think we had the only one?  Certainly not!  What we had was – THE BEST DEAL.

Now, I’m not silly enough to say that we never get beat on price.

But, I will say that we don’t often get beat on total cost.  And if we do, it usually isn’t by enough to make it worth the time and frustration.

Remember… We are the only full line dealer in Arizona (that I’ve ever heard of anyway) that does business the way we do at Avondale Toyota.

What other dealer, GENUINELY provides the customer with such exemplary service?

Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson truly does provide a very unique buying experience, in the best of ways.

We do business the way we do because it’s The Right Way To Do Business.


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