Death of the DaveSellsCars Toyota 4Runner

In the winter of 2007 I purchased a 2000 Toyota 4Runner 4×4.  Little did I know that the next four years, with this SUV, would bring so many fun driving experiences.  And little did I know that the fun would come to such a screaching hault.

In this post, I’m not going to provide you with what I paid for my 4Runner but I will tell you that the MSRP on a new Toyota 4Runner in the fall of 1999 was $27458.

Keep in mind that this baby came with:

4×4, SR5 package, 3.4 ltr. V6 engine, automatic transmission, A/C, power windows, power door locks, am/fm stereo with CD player, power sliding (up & down) rear window, running boards, power sliding moon roof; Did I mention that the 4×4 was “shift on the fly”? Alloy, wheels & a lot more.  I even added a remote start to it. (A must if you live in Arizona)

This 4runner was decked out nicely and my family enjoyed every ammenity.

I couldn’t begin to count the fishing trips, camping trips, jaunts to Tucson, Prescott and Show Low it hauled me and all my gear on.  All without as much as a hiccup.  In fact the only time it ever required anything other than regular maintenance was when we had to replace the catalytic converter that someone was kind enough to steal!

Yeah, the Toyota 4Runner really carved a nitch for it’s self in the family’s heart.  Even Tazz or family pest uh.. I mean pet, didn’t seem to ever get tired of riding with his head out (and nose up) in the breeze.

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