Nothing Swaggers Like My New Toyota Sienna SE!

My family initially met David Lovelady over the phone when they called his store. We were looking for a Toyota Sienna SE. At the time it was a tough vehicle to find and we had only been able to see one on TV or on line.

When my folks called and spoke with David, he assured them that he had a Sienna SE for us to see. He also told us that doing business at his store, Avondale Toyota, would be unlike doing business anywhere else. So the mother of our house went to see if the new SE Sienna really is the “Swagger Wagon” Toyota says it is.

It must have been, because when mother returned, everyone got excited about the possibility of getting the new Sienna. And that’s when we put Mr. David and Avondale Toyota to work and to the test.

Mother and Father had some pretty tough terms that had to be met. My family wanted to make sure that we were getting a good trade-in value for the vehicle that the Sienna would replace, a good interest rate for the financing and that Avondale Toyota could install the extra goodies that would help keep everyone happy with our Swagger Wagon.

I gotta hand it to Mr. David. He was right. The way he did business was nothing like the other guys. He gave my family all the information we needed and showed us all our options – up front. And when my folks went to another dealer to comparison shop… they were not treated as well as they had been by Mr. David & Avondale Toyota. So, guess what…

We bought our new Swagger Wagon from Mr. David at Avondale Toyota!

And don’t ya know – the service that we received was excellent!  Mr. David and Avondale Toyota did everything they said they would.

Thanks Mr. David!

Daisy Duke – family pet – Swagger Wagon lover

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