Switching to a Toyota Tundra

“I met David Lovelady on a Thursday afternoon at Avondale Toyota. At the time I was driving a Chevy truck and was considering switching to a Toyota Tundra. David and I spoke for several minutes as I described what I was looking for and he described how different Avondale Toyota is from any other dealership and that he could help me get the truck I want – the way I want. We walked out to where the Tundra trucks were lined up and he opened a white one up for me. We spent some time looking at it and going over some of the features that the truck offers and then found a “Slate” colored Tundra. It was just what I was looking for. I asked David about trading in my old Chevrolet. He explained that the way Avondale Toyota treats trade ins is exactly the same as the way they price their vehicles… They give you the best – right up front! No low balling or going back and forth.

So David took the info from my old truck and and I left. I had explained to him that my wife needed to know what I was doing and that she would call him and give him any info needed to complete our purchase once she knew that I had found my truck. I was a bit surprised when David didn’t try to pressure me about this and instead assured me that when my wife called him he would gather all the info needed to tell us what our options would be and then would put everything together based on how we decided to purchase the truck and get the paperwork together so we could just come in sign and be done… Don’t ya know… the whole thing worked out exactly as David said it would. My wife spent 30 – 45 minutes meeting David and signing her portion of the paperwork with him. (there was no finance department!) I came in a bit later and signed, dropped off the old Chevy and went over the new truck with David. He did it all! I don’t think I spent a total of two and a half hours – all together at the dealership. Why would we ever want to buy a vehicle at any other place or any other way??!!”
Jesse – New Tundra owner

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