Az Land Brokers was Low on Time & Big on Need!

When I first spoke to David Lovelady, it was over the phone.  I explained to him that I wanted a Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner with the Sport package and had recently been to another Toyota dealership across town and got the run around. That they told me that they had the Tacoma I wanted but kept showing me a Tundra… In addition, I explained to David that I’m a very busy person with two businesses to manage and a family.  I don’t have time to waste.  So I told him to please just tell me if they have the truck I’m looking for or not.

Right away, David asked me several questions about the truck I was looking for and asked if it would be ok to verify that he did have the vehicle and then call me back.  I said sure and gave him my number… About twenty minutes later David called back and told me that he did have the vehicle I was looking for.  He then went on to tell me that his dealership – Avondale Toyota – was unlike any other dealership that I had ever been to. (I thought “yeah right“) He said that he was the “Only Person” I would have to deal with when I came to his store, that he would show me the truck, the costs, my purchase options and that if I decided to buy it, he would also be the person that does my paper work.  He expressed understanding for my limited time and assured me that if I liked the truck and decided to buy it that the whole process would take very little time.


When I arrived at the dealership David and I spent a few minutes reviewing what I wanted and getting the info he needed to evaluate my trade in. Then David showed me to the exact Toyota Tacoma that I had described to him. He had it parked in a covered portion of the dealership ready for me to check it out.

After David showed me some of the finer points of the Tacoma we took it for a drive and made sure it was the truck for me. When I told him “this is the truck”, he said “Great! The rest is easy.” (again… I thought – “yeah right”)

Well… it was.

At that point we sat down at a table with a computer on it and David reminded me of how different Avondale Toyota does things.  From the way they price their vehicles to the way they place a value on a trade-in and then in how they present and process that information with their customers.  It’s a very customer and time friendly process.

David pulled up the info on the Tacoma and my trade, loaded the options for me to consider in my purchase and showed the whole deal to me right there. I told him that I had my own financing and he said, “No Problem.” We put the deal together on my new Tacoma Sport,  just the way I wanted – Just that easy.”

– , New Tacoma owner

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