“Big” Rebates on Corolla’s

“I went to Avondale Toyota looking to see if there were any “big” rebates on Corollas. I had a Chevy Colorado that I was several grand “upside-down” in and had been told at some other dealerships that “without a big rebate and a lot down”… my situation was hopeless. Now, at Avondale Toyota they don’t have sales people that pounce on you when you arrive at their store. Instead they have “greeters” that actually greet you and ask how you would like to be helped and if they can get you anything, like a bottle of water. Then the they pair you up with a Sales Manager who helps you get the info you want and so on… So by the time David Lovelady met me, I was pretty much already set to leave his store, because I had looked at a few of the Corollas and saw that there was no rebates. But, then I learned the difference between a good Sales Manager and a sales person. And in just a few minutes conversation David assessed my situation and knew – what I needed, what I was looking to do, and what I had been through with the other dealers that I had been to. He then explained to me that much of what I had been told by the other dealers was either false or inaccurate and that he could show me that just being in the right place and dealing with the right person would make a huge difference in my options. And that’s exactly what he did. David showed me that if I was given a fair value for my trade and a fair price on the Corolla I wanted, that I really wasn’t as upside-down as the other stores had led me to believe and could buy it the way I wanted to. I still can’t believe how simple and straight forward the whole process with David at Avondale Toyota was!”

–D. a new Corolla owner

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