Who’s the Shark You’re Dealing With?

Is it just me? Or does it not seem odd that we wouldn't bother to inquire about whom we are about to spend a large amount of money with? Especially when it's something as personal as an automobile?

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The 137 Re-establishment Plan at Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep

If you have recently filed for bankruptcy or  just had yours discharge, you need to know about the 137 Re-establishment Plan.  The 137 Re-establishment Plan (or 137REP) was recently introduced by David Lovelady & Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson and is specifically designed for customers who are currently in or have been through a bankruptcy. For […]

Chevy Suburban LTZ – Customer’s Smile Says It All

That is a genuine cheesy grin on my customers face (and mine) as we shake hands on his Chevy Suburban LTZ purchase, at Gateway Chevrolet. If memory serves me correctly, I can count at least three times that “B” said, “I really like being able to buy a car this way,” as we went seamlessly […]

Toyota Tacoma – Baja Edition at Avondale Toyota

Ok… After eleven and a half years of being around Toyota Trucks, in various dealerships, I can say this is a first for me…  I don’t recall ever seeing such a bold look nor such a capably equipped – truck edition from Toyota… This is the Toyota Tacoma – Baja Edition… Check out the aggressive look […]

75-85 Fj40 vs 2012 Fj Cruiser – At Avondale Toyota

OK… So if you told me last night that this morning I would come into the showroom at Avondale Toyota and find this this 75-85 Toyota Fj40… I might have laughed myself to sleep!  But, that’s exactly what happened.  I came in to  the showroom and was greeted by this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. This thing […]